Kelvin Imobio

Studying abroad has always been one of my dreams from childhood. Few years after graduating from my B.Sc. degree in Nigeria, I decided to further my studies somewhere outside the shores of Nigeria. God being so kind, I was introduced to Broadway Oaks agency who specialized in securing admissions from various universities across the world. I applied for a Master’s degree program in Pharmacology and Drug discovery at the University of Coventry, United kingdom through the agency and I got an unconditional offer for my course of study. Broadway Oaks agency also helped me to process my Visa application and gave me tutorials and interview preparations on Tier- 4 student visa application which is one of the criteria used by UK visa application body to grant student visas. I was granted a visa and presently am undergoing my master degree program at Coventry UK. All thanks to Broadway Oaks agency for helping me achieving my dreams